Words written by Morgan "Lady Imurj" Balenton and Myeisha Meeks. Music by Morgan "Lady Imurj" Balenton. Featured vocalist; Kinyanna.
(c) September 2012.


What Would You Do?
By Myeisha Meeks and Morgan Balenton
© Seal of Approval Music September 2012

Verse 1
Somedays I look around and
I wonder what our world would be;
But the universe keeps changing.
Everywhere you turn there’s fighting,
War surrounds our children,
There’s no peace.
Every night I’m on my knees

Gas prices keep on rising,
Government is holding funds,
Education now is starving,
Jobs are coming little to none.
Mother nature’s on a tear now
There’s homeless people everywhere.
I ask one simple question
Please tell me
What would you do?

What would you do if someone came
To your doorstep hungry,
Would you let them in
Or would you turn them away again?
What would you do if you saw
Someone being assaulted
Would you lend a hand
Or would you bury your head in the sand

What would you do?
What would you do?

Verse 2
Sitting back in observation
Trying to figure out where we went wrong.
What changed our mental attitude?
Instead of looking out for each other,
We seem to only care about our own.
We can’t do it by ourselves.

Greed has now become a staple,
Respect is nowhere to be found,
Many homes now are broken
cause mom and dad ain’t around.
These drugs, they are killing our children.
Our moral values have declined.
I ask one simple question, please tell me,
What would you do?

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