A Touch of Soul

Favorite Time of Year - Christmas

Get Up Get Off (Foxy Throwback Remix)

I have always been a fan of Foxy's Get Off.  It's something about that fonky bass, those rhythm guitars and that steady drum beat that just has me doing the stanky face and throwing out that leg the way the old folks use to do.  It's one of those timeless pieces that never grows old.  If only I had some roller skates.  Don't judge me!  Anyway, in 2011, I decided to take their instrumental track, fuse it with a few of my own instruments and layer it with the vocals of Kinyanna and Righteous Brown.  Well whaddayaknow, my first remix track ever and it sounds pretty dern good if I say so myself.  So here it is,  "Get Up Get Off (Foxy Throwback Remix) featuring Kinyanna and Righteous Brown."  Hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do! 

What Would You Do? Featuring Kinyanna

What Would You Do?

There use to be a time when helping people in need was a little more prevalent. Now it seems as if we turn a blind eye opting instead to video others misfortunes and upload it on social media sites.  Now don't get me wrong. Having the ability to upload videos during duress can be life saving and I have witnessed it used in that manner. However, I have also seen where people refused to get involved for fear of placing themselves in harms way.  I get it! But in my opinion, and it is just that, we've become more of an "all about me society" and have strayed away from the "all about we" society.  I wrote this song with co-writer Myeisha Meeks posing the question of what would you do if you were placed in a situation where the welfare of another was at stake?   Click the title for the lyrics.