Musical Therapy

Ever since I was a little girl music has played a major role in my life.  I can remember staying in my room for hours under those big gigantic headphones (you know the ones) listening to groups such as Sister Sledge, Chic, Brother’s Johnson, Earth, Wind & Fire, Emotions, Frankie Beverly & Maze and the list just goes on and on.  As I got older my musical base expanded to include rockers such as Prince, Journey, Eagles, Motley Crue, Ratt and Bon Jovi.  Oh how I loved when a bass riff or string would sneak its way into the melody and I’d find myself rewinding and rewinding and rewinding just to hear that one part again.  You know you did it too, I ain’t the only one!  
Seriously, music was my way of expressing myself when I could not find the right words to express it verbally.  There was a song for every emotion I ever felt, whether it was anger, laughter, joy, pain, hurt, happiness or sorrow someone had a song for that particular emotion and I would play those songs until my mother threatened to throw me and those songs in the trash.  Lol, I must have driven her nuts!   

Nonetheless, I too am a songwriter. Every song I create I create from experience, be it personal or from situations that happened around me, I express my thoughts to those situations through song; sometimes musically, other times lyrically and there are times when they both fit together like a hand in glove.  No I may never reach the notoriety of a Burt Bacharach, but if my songs touch just one person, then I have done enough.   

Until we meet again, write on! 

Lady Imurj

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