House Music

I Wanna Be With You Baby featuring Kinyanna (Seductive Mix)

I've been working on this little gem from my vault for quite a while now. It's a song that has musically taken me outside of my normal comfort zone but, one in which I can honestly say has given me great pleasure in producing.  Check out the I Wanna Be With You Baby" featuring Kinyanna and, if you're feeling the groove, feel free to purchase the track on Google Play or Itunes. 

I Wanna Be With You Baby featuring Kinyanna (Exotic Mix)

Imagine yourself on a road trip with that special someone with nothing but God's natural wonders surrounding you or, being in a place where nature's natural melodies brings about a sense of peace and contentment that in this chaotic world is often hard to come by. That's what I feel when listening to the Exotic Mix of I Wanna Be With You Baby featuring Kinyanna.  You see, it's more than just the lyrics that complete this piece.  It's the melodies that resonate from the various African drums complimented by instruments from all over the world that make this song very special to me.  So grab your special someone and allow the music to take you to a place and space that only you and yours occupy.  I only hope you enjoy the song as much as I do!