Everybody has a story to tell. I just happen to tell mine through lyrical content infused with melodies of the soul. No, this is not your ordinary biography that you might be use to reading but someone has to be willing to go against the grain. Anyway, songwriting has been a dream I've been chasing since the age of 8 while watching my mother play the piano, sing and direct the church choir. Nothing moved me more than to listen to the emotions of her voice as she sang a touching rendition of "Don't Move My Mountain". It was then I knew I wanted to be just like her. When I turned 9 my mother enrolled me in Classical piano lessons which I studied for 4 years. Inspired by Artists such as Sister Sledge, Chic, The Emotions, Earth Wind and Fire, Lakeside, Teena Marie, Phyllis Hyman and Angela Winbush, I took my first stab at writing a melody because in my mind, I just couldn't grasp playing the music of other Artists when I knew I could do my own. At least, so I thought. My first little job came when I was a Freshman in High School and my sister needed an anthem for a class project. So, I grabbed my $200 Yamaha keyboard and penned her an anthem that would give her and her group an A in class. Bingo, I can actually do this. I've actually found my outlet.

Up to this point I have had the pleasure of qualifying in the top 20 of the 1997 Dallas Battle of the Bands competition with a song co-written and produced by myself and Connie Yarbrough. Too bad the actual competition was rained out. I can only imagine how we would have fared at the actual competition. Regardless, it was a major milestone for me as I continued chasing the dream of songwriting. I don't limit myself to writing in a particular genre, I just write what I feel in my soul at that moment.  Hence, getting back to the root of things, I had the pleasure of writing a Gospel song titled "Search Me Lord" that would find its way back into the hands of my mother who performed the song for the Southern Baptist Convention in 2006. Furthermore, another song titled "Walk On" would go on to win Honorable Mention in the 2006 ISC (International Songwriting Competition).

Also in 2006 through collaboration with ASCAP, I met up with Shedrick Sheppard and Dale Brown and formed the label Imurj Records. In charge of the R&B side of things, I had the ultimate pleasure of working and developing an amazing upcoming Dallas Artist named Kinyanna. Here was an opportunity to have someone else take what I have written, make it their own and convey it to the world and anyone who would listen. Along with Kinyanna and Dallas songwriter Myeisha Meeks, producers Tehran "Psy2ko" Pearson, Valenti and myself, Imurj Records released Kinyanna's Debut Cd title "S to the 4th Power" in 2012. Okay so it hasn't won any Grammy's....yet, but nothing can surpass the high I feel when listening to a beautiful voice, soul and spirit such as Kinyanna sing my songs and take them to a level I never would have imagined. It's that kind of high that has me sharing more of my work and telling this story of life and its experiences that have impacted me throughout the years.

In a nutshell, I'm a songwriter. I believe that the words and music must fit together like a hand in glove. I believe that it must originate from the abyss of the heart and soul and it doesn't matter how it turns out, whether it's R&B, Rock, Pop, Gospel or House as long as it inspires and touches and makes a difference in someone’s life, I'll continue to release the butterflies and allow them to fly.